What are the objectives of the United Nations?

The objectives of the United Nations spelt out in its Charter are as follows:

(a) to maintain international peace and security;

(b) to recognize the right of self-determination of every nation of the world and to establish friendly relationship between states;

(c) to improve the economic, social, scientific and cultural conditions in every country and to establish everyone in his rightful status as a man and to allow him to enjoy all the human rights and independence;

(d) to co-operate mutually in solving the problems of food, health, education, unemployment, etc.;

(e) to allow every nation of the world, whether great or small, to enjoy the status of ‘nation’;

(f) to obey and implement all the international pacts, treaties, laws, etc. and to settle all disputes through peaceful means;

(g) to maintain the sanctity of every other country’s territorial limits and not to apply force on any other state;

(h) to assist in the improvement of the backward and under-developed nations.