Short Notes on the Importance of Water in Plant life

The movement of water from the soil through the unicellular root hair and cells of epiblema upto the metaxylem of root via cells of cortex, endoderims, pericycle etc. is defined as absorption of water.

Importance of water in Plant life:

Water plays a vital role in plant life which may be discussed as follows.

i. Nearly 80% of the fresh weight of the plant tissues is comprised of water.

ii. Water is absolutely essential for the protoplasm. The hydration of the protoplasm is essential for its proper organisation and correct functioning of the cell organelles.

iii. Water serves as a medium for the movement of various dissolved substances like gases, minerals, organic solutes etc. in the xylem and phloem tissues.

iv. Water takes direct part in many metabolic reactions taking place in the cell viz. photolysis of water during photosynthesis.

v. Absorption of water compensates the water loss by the plants caused due to transpiration.

vi. Water stabilizes structural organisation of a number of biomolecules.

vii. Water molecules form shells around electrolytes, ions and hydrophilic no electrolytes. This provides them sufficient space to function independently.