Short notes on some important canals of Canals of Gujarat

Gujarat lacks large perennial rivers due to poor rainfall. Canals here contribute about 19.8 per cent of the net irrigated area.

Ukai Project Canals-a barrage has been built across the Tapi River near Ukai village. Canals taken out from this barrage irrigate about 1.53 lakh hectares of land in Surat and Valsad districts.

Kakarapara Project-under the project a dam has been constructed at Kakarapara near the mouth of the Tapi River from which about 950 km long canals run along both the banks of the river. These canals irrigate about 2.77 lakh hectares of land in Surat district.

Narmada Project Canals-it includes con­struction of a barrage across the Narmada River at Navgaon (Bharuch) and canals so as to irrigate the interfluve area between the Narmada and Mahi riv­ers.

Mahi Project Canals-the project involves two stages under which water from the Mahi River would be diverted through canals to irrigate 2.75 lakh hectares of land in the Doab area of the Mahi and Sabarmati rivers.

Dantiwada Project Canals-this project built over the Banas River provides irrigation to 44 thou­sand hectares of land in Banaskantha district.

Panam Barrage Project-Canals taking off from the barrage on the Panam river in Panchmahals district irrigate about 53,000 hectares of land be­sides providing drinking water to Vadodara city.

Karjan Barrage Project-The Barrage and canals on the Karjan river irrigate about 72,000 hectares of land in Bharuch district.

Sabarmati Project Canals-the dam across the Sabarmati River in Mehsana district and canals from Vasana barrage near Ahmadabad irrigate about 59,000 hectares of agricultural land.