Short Essay on the Kings of Dakshina Kosala

A small dynasty was established by a person called Shura or Suryaghosha around AD 350. He ruled the region around Raipur district in Madhya Pradesh till AD 375. His capital was probably

Shripura, about 20 miles north-east of Arang, Raipur district shura was succeeded by five rul who at some point or the other acknowledged th suzerainty of the Guptas and the Vakatakai Bhimasena II was the last ruler of this dynasty.

Bhimasena II seems to have been overthrow by Jayaraja of the Sharabhapura dynasty. T founder of this family, which ruled in South Kosal for some generation, was Sharabha. Sharabha may have flourished about AD 460. He founded the city of Sharabhapur which he made his capital; Sharabha was succeeded by Narendra (AD 470- 90).

Prasannamatra was the next king who founde the city of Prasannapura. He had two sons, Jayara and Durgaraja. Jayaraja, who succeeded Prasannamatra, overthrew Bhimasena II of Shripura. After Jayaraja the kingdom was divided. His son Pravara I ruled from Prasannapura, while his brother Manamatra had his capital at Sharabhapura and later at Shripura.

Pravararaja II, a nephew of Manamatra, is the last known member of this family. He seems to have been supplanted in AD 530 by Indrabala II, who founded the Somavamshi dynasty in Dakshinakosala.