Short Biography of Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy was born on 15th September, 1939 in Mylapore in Chennai, Tamilnadu. His father Sitaram Subramanian is from Madurai and mother is from An Iyer family from Trichur, Kerla.

He is presently the head of ‘Janta Party’. He is a well known Economist and possesses a strong academic background. He completed his bachelor’s degree in mathematics (Honours) from Hindu College, New Delhi. He has completed his Master’s course in statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. He had earned a doctorate in Economics from Harvard University in 1964. He had also worked as a team with Nobel Laureate economists. He had also served as a professor of Economics in Harvard University and IIT, New Delhi.

He has authored various world class books. Some of his prominent milestones in the academic world are books such as, ‘Indian Economic Planning-An Alternative Approach’ and ‘Economic growth in China and India 1952-1970: A Comparative Appraisal’ gave him critical acclaim. His joint paper on ‘Theory of Index Numbers’ is appreciated all over the world.

Dr. Swamy has been elected been elected 5 times to Parliament. Currently, he represents Madurai constituency in Lok Sabha. Dr. Swamy had also served as a Cabinet rank minister and a member of Planning Commission of India. He was also one of the eminent members of a delegation invited to Geneva by United Nations to develop a report on Economic Cooperation between Developing Countries. His emphasised steps were readily accepted as a new chapter to bring trade reforms.

On the home front, he had always advocated self sufficient market economy for India. He backed up the nuclear technology for weapons and scientific growth and social benefits. He had also suggested ways to strengthen the agriculture sector of the nation. The present day economic liberalisation and reforms are a result of his far sighted and sharp vision only.

He had played a major role in the Indian politics. During Emergency reign his on and off daring escapades drew ample attention. He also played major roles in maintaining foreign affairs of the country. His visits to China, South Africa and Israel paved a new way of dialogue and relations with the respective nations. He had been instrumental in formulating a balanced foreign policy with various other nations like Nigeria, Pakistan and US in the changing times. One of the main pacts which were signed between India and China were the permission granted to Indians to visit Mount Kailash which is situated in Tibet.

In present times Dr.Swamy is popularly known as a Hindu activist. During one of his lectures at Harvard he even made some remarks about Muslim lineage which led the university to cancel his lecture schedules. He is straight forward and outspoken about his views. He is known for his courage and daring acts. He advocates and is currently working with a motto which he calls as Hindu Renaissance. He is a staunch supporter of reviving Hindu movement.

He is married to Roxna Swamy, a Supreme Court Advocate and has two daughters. He has taken the initial step by writing letters to Prime Minister and exposing the 2G scam. He is an academic, economist and a politician in true sense.