How to become a member of the United Nations?

To become a member of the United Nations, a country-1. Must be peace loving, willing to accept the aims and objects and rules of the Charter, and be judged by the U.N. as able to carry out these aims; 2.

The Security Council must recommend the new member; 3. The General Assembly must confirm the recommendation by a two-third majority vote.

U.N. Code of Conduct: The members of U.N. are required to act in accordance with the seven principles recommended by all its members. These seven principles are :

1. AH members have to fulfill in good faith the obligations arising from their acceptance of the U.N. Charter.

2. All members should settle their disputes bilaterally with peaceful means.

3. All members of the U.N. should be treated equal.

4. All members of the U.N. should assist and co-operate in any action it takes and should not assist in any way to the country against whom the action is being taken.

5. All members should refrain in their international relations from the threat of force against territorial integrity or political interdependence of any State.

6. The U.N. should not intervene in domestic affairs of any State or country.

7. The U.N. ensures the behaviour of non-members in accordance with these principles as far as may be essential for the maintenance of peace in world.