Here is your short Essay on the Traikutakas

The Traikutakas appear to have been feudatories of the Abhiras at first. The range of hills which borders the Nasik district seems to have derived its name from these people.

They seem to have risen into prominence after the downfall of the Abhiras in AD 417. The names of only five kings of this family are known from grants and coins. The first of these was Indra-datta who flourished in AD 415- 40.

The second king Maharaja Dahrasena, who probably succeeded maharaja Indra-datta, ruled over a wide territory which comprised parts of Gujarat, Konkan, Pune and Nasik. Dahrasena was a devout worshipper of Vishnu. He seems to have ruled in the period AD 440-65. To proclaim his independence he performed ashvamedha sacrifice.

Vyaghrasena was the son and successor of Dahrasena, who in turn was succeeded by Madhyamasena during whose reign the kingdom was attacked by Harishena. Aniruddhapura was the capital of this kingdom. Vikramasena is so far the last-known king of the Traikutaka family. The Traikutakas had probably to submit to the Vishnukundin king Madhavavarman I.