Brief Notes on the Shalankayanas

The Shalankayanas occupied the territory between the lower Godavari and the Krishna. They are same as Ptolemy’s Shalakenoi. Seven Kings of this line are known. They all ruled from Vengi, Benagouron of Ptolemy. The earliest was Devavarman who ruled in AD 300.

He performed an ashvamedha sacrifice. The next known king is Hastivarman I, who was defeated and reinstated by Samudragupta. He was succeeded by Nandivarman, who was succeeded by Hastivarman II. His successor Skandavarman extended his power south of the Krishna and overthrew the Ananda king.

All the Shalankayana kings were devotees of tilt- god Chitrarutha i.e. Shiva. They flourished between AD 300 and 500. Towards the close of the sixth century AD Vakataka Harishena defeated the Shalankayana ruler, deposed him and gave the kingdom to the Vishnukundin king maharaja Govindavarman.