791 Words Free Sample Essay on a Flood

Flood is that condition of a river when it overflows above its banks, and enters the town or village nearby. The river waters flowing into the neighbouring inhabitations are the cause of all the talk of flood.

This condition of a flood occurs mostly when there is very heavy rainfall in the area, and the river cannot contain the excessive water and it automatically overflows into habitations.

Floods usually cause untold misery on the people residing in the areas close to river banks. Man and material are lost as and when the flood water enters the area where man lives. Houses get flooded, cattle are carried by the flood water and they starve and drown and die. All roads in the area and sanitation arrangements get disrupted.

This sort of a condition in turn gives rise to epidemics of all kinds that occur for months and years after the flood. Thus, when a flood comes to any inhabited area, it takes months and even years to restore the area back to its normal.

In India floods are annual phenomena, especially in the rivers of East India like the Brahmaputra and the Ganges. These two rivers have a record of getting flooded every year in the rainy season. Once about two years back, I got the opportunity of visiting a flooded area as, I was there on a visit to Assam in the month of June.

I remember there had been continuous rain and that also very heavy rain for one full week. After four days of this incessant rain, the meteorological department had sent out signals of warning to the people of the coastal area of Assam to shift to safer places, as their was a possibility of flood in the area. The warning was well done and at the correct time, and people could have been saved if they had heeded the warning.

However the warning was there but, where and how can lakhs of people be shifted? A few people of the richer and affluent classes did move out, and these had saved themselves.

The rest of them, the poor gentry had nowhere to go and no means to go so; they stayed there waiting for fate to strike. After four days, the rain became still heavier, and there was nothing except water wherever the eye would turn to see. There was, as if a sheet of water all through the area, and no land was visible anywhere to the distance the eye could see.

My cousin, who was living in Bhuvaneshwar, was given the responsibility and charge of flood relief works. He had to thus go to the areas where the flood had struck or was expected to strike.

I requested him to allow me to accompany him and I succeeded. We went to the areas close to the river and Oh! The sight was just horrifying. As far as the eye could see there was a huge sheet of moving water, rapid and wild at some place and comparatively less violent at others. The scene that was now in front of my eyes I had never seen before and never would I wish to see it ever again.

The water was seen carrying hundreds of heads of cattle, whole huts with thatched roofs, and miscellaneous materials of human consumption. The taller buildings though very few were full of water upto the second floor and people were huddled on roofs of even these tall buildings. On the sky it appeared as if the clouds would never clear out and the sun would never again shine there.

All trees and plants had been uprooted and they were seen afloat on the angry river water. In the midst of all this havoc we often heard the noise of helicopters on the clouded skies, which were there for a study of the flood.

They were also dropping food and medicines from the top to all the people who were marooned on small land patches or on tops of trees and buildings. Cattle and even men could be seen floating in neck deep water. There were as if, no roads in the area, and, no matter where I looked, I could see nothing except water.

Though it was a heart rending sight but, it was also an experience of a lifetime for me. After the experience, I often wonder why, people cannot live far from the river, or, why cannot the Government do something to prevent such disasters in the future. I suppose it is a Herculean task, with many facets to the problem, and that is why, every year the flood comes and every year there is uncounted misery and yet, no one seems to find a solution to the problem.